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Note from the President


Dear NAME Colleagues,

The day has finally arrived! After years of discussion and planning, AAM has eliminated the financial barrier to joining the Professional Networks, formerly called Standing Professional Committees (SPCs) and Professional Interest Groups (PICs). As of July 1, 2012, when you join AAM as an Individual Professional Member, you will be able to join any Professional Network (PN) for free.

This was change was made for a number of reasons: to encourage AAM members to engage in the PNs and enjoy the professional development and networking opportunities they provide; to increase the “value proposition” of AAM membership;  and to acknowledge that  many museum professionals, especially in smaller institutions, wear multiple hats. Now you can join as many PNs as you like at no extra cost.

NAME is unique among the 22 PNs. We are the only one to produce a journal, this journal, the Exhibitionist. So this membership change has necessitated the de-coupling the Exhibitionist from NAME membership. Now the journal will be a subscription-based. The cost to our members remains the same.

NAME Membership +   Subscription to Exhibitionist = Total Cost

Old System $25 + Free = $25

New System Free + $25 = $25

The new system will require an extra step on your part. When renewing your AAM membership (or joining for the first time), you’ll need to check the NAME box and CHECK THE BOX TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE EXHIBITIONIST. We hope you all will.

This change has created a wonderful new opportunity to share the Exhibitionist with the wider museum community. Under the new system the Exhibitionist is available to anyone, regardless of whether they are a member of AAM or not. (The subscription price is $35/year for non-AAM members.) So we look forward to creating a larger, broader museum readership, both in the US and abroad.

Please spread the word to your museum colleagues, the Exhibitionist is available to everyone!  Go to AAM’s website and subscribe!



Doug Simpson