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On this webpage, we've made two articles plus special items from each of the last two issues of Exhibition / Exhibitionist free for preview. Scroll further down, and you will find dozens of issues of the Journal, available in their entirety, all the way back to Spring 1997, and issues from 1990 - 1992.

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Spring 2017: Designing Emotion

Exhibition Journal Spring 2017

  • Features
  • Designing for Outrage: Inviting Disruption and Contested Truth into Museum Exhibitions, by BARBARA LAU, JENNIFER SCOTT, SUZANNE SERIFF
  • Designing to Foster Connections and Inspire Action, by SUSAN CHIN, SARAH HEZEL, KIMIO HONDA
  • Core Emotion and Engagement in Informal Science Learning, by GABRIELLE RAPPOLT-SCHLICHTMANN, MIRIAM EVANS, CHRISTINE REICH, CLARA CAHILL
  • Crossing the Smoke Bridge: Memory, Emotion, Social Interaction, and the Sense of Smell in Exhibitions, by CORY C. K. O’MILLS
  • Contemporary Art and “Discomfort” Among Millennials: An Academic Museum Case Study , by NATALIE R. MARSH
  • Talking Through Our Pain: Visitor Responses at the 9/11 Memorial Museum, by AMY S. WEISSER, ALISON KOCH
  • Mending the Mind and the Spirit: The Role of Objects and Exhibitions in Health and Healing, by BRENDA COWAN, ROSS LAIRD, JASON MCKEOWN
  • Crying at the Museum: A Call for Responsible Emotional Design , by STACEY MANN, DANNY M. COHEN
  • Departments
  • President's Letter, by WAYNE LABAR
  • Editor's Letter, by ELLEN SNYDER-GRENIER
  • Exhibits Newsline, by PAUL ORSELLI
  • Q&A, with Gabby Cohen
  • Nuts and Bolts: Developing a Toolkit for Emotion in Museums, by LINDA NORRIS and RAINEY TISDALE
  • Exhibition Critique: Fire! Fire! at the Museum of London, England, by LUCY TRENCH
  • Book Review: Interpreting Difficult History at Museums and Historic Sites, by LIZ ŠEVČENKO
  • Announcements
  • Upcoming NAME Events and Sessions in the Exhibit Planning & Design Track at American Alliance of Museums 2017 Annual Meeting & Museum Expo

Fall 2016: Coloring Outside the Lines: Exhibitions That Cross Boundaries

Exhibition Journal Fall 2016


Spring 2016: The Power of Words: Written, Spoken, and Designed

Exhibition Journal Spring 2016


Fall 2015: Creating the Inclusive Experience: Exhibitions and Universal Design

Exhibitionist, Fall 2015


Spring 2015: The Nimble and Responsive Exhibition

Exhibitionist, Spring 2015

Fall 2014: Teaching and Learning Exhibition Design and Development

Exhibitionist, Fall 2014


Spring 2014: Intentionally Designed Spaces

Exhibitionist, Spring 2014

Fall 2013: New Media: Transforming Museums, Exhibitions, and Visitors

Exhibitionist, Fall 2013

Spring 2013: Meaning Making Revisited

Exhibitionist, Spring 2013

Fall 2012: Navigating a Changing Economy: The New Normal for Museums?

Exhibitionist, Fall 2012


Spring 2012: Traveling Exhibitions: Where Are They Going?

Exhibitionist, Spring 2012


Fall 2011: Museums, Memorials, and Sites of Conscience

Exhibitionist, Fall 2011


Spring 2011: Is It a Museum? Does It Matter?

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2011


Fall 2010: The International Project: A Cultural Journey

Exhibitionist Fall 2010


Spring 2010: Exhibition Frictions

Exhibitionist Spring2010


Fall 2009: Visitor-Generated Content and Design

Exhibitionist Fall09


Spring 2009: Green and Lean

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2009

Fall 2007: NAME Sessions at AAM 2007

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2007

Spring 2007: The RFP Issue

The Exhibitionist,Spring 2007

Fall 2006: AAM 2006 Annual Meeting Conference Sessions Issue

The Exhibitionist, Season YEAR
  • Entire Issue (PDF 21.7 MB)
  • The Best of the Sessions: AAM 2006 Boston
  • Silverbacks and Youngbloods Debate the Future of Exhibits
  • Passing the Torch, Keeping it Lit
  • Art, History and Science Museums: A Cross-Cultural Conversation
  • BYOD: Guest Provided Devices in the Museum Experience
  • Traveling Exhibitions: Nuts and Bolts
  • K-12 Curators: What Kids Learn by Designing Exhibitions
  • The Latest in Exhibit Trends (from the Designer's Perspective)
  • and much more...

Spring 2006: 25th Anniversary Edition

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2006

Fall 2005: Breaking the Mold: Sessions from the 2005 AAM Conference

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2005
  • Entire Issue (PDF 16.7 MB)
  • Courting Controversy in Museum Exhibits
  • What the Heck is Experience Design?
  • Old Topic, New Designs: Three New Species of Dinosaur Exhibits
  • Guerilla Exhibits: Small Feats with the Community
  • In and Out: A Crossroads for Exhibition Design
  • Designer-Client Relationships: Strategies for Success
  • Exhibitors at the Crossroads: Building Better Museum Teams
  • and much more


Spring 2005: Exhibits in Small Museums

The Exhibitionist, Season YEAR
  • Entire Issue (PDF 17.3 MB)
  • Good Things Come in Small Packages
  • Climbing Up the Learning Curve
  • Big Things in Small Packages: Videos in Your Exhibits
  • What's Working for Small Museums in St. Louis
  • Strength in Numbers: Successful Travelling Exhibition Collaborations for Small Museums
  • Arthurdale: "Eleanor's Little Village"
  • Help is on the Way: A Texas Pilot Program Has Lessons for Small Museums
  • and much more

Fall 2004: International Exhibits

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2004

Spring 2004: Using the Senses in Exhibitions

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2004
  • Entire Issue (PDF 21.2MB)
  • Making Sense of Cave Life
  • Dinosphere: Now You're in Their World
  • Something Smells
  • Grab Your Visitors by the Ear
  • The Sixth Sense
  • Experience Architecture
  • Welcoming Kids who "Learn Differently"

Fall 2003: Technology for and in Museums

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2003
  • Entire Issue (PDF 21.1MB)
  • A More Perfect Union of Medium and Message
  • Passive and Active Microclimage Generation
  • Personal Data Assistants
  • I want to Hold Your Hand (Held)
  • The Farmer and the Cowman should be Friends
  • Taking the Bilingual Leap

Spring 2003: Dilemmas of Interpretation

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2003

Fall 2002: Critic's Choice

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2002
  • Entire Issue (PDF 24.5MB)
  • Intention Does Count
  • Sailing into the Known: Our Dynamic Planet and the Cranbrook Institute of Science
  • Can't Get No Satisfaction
  • The Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History
  • Ask Questions First, Shoot Later: The American Fish and Wildlife Museum
  • Storytelling in Science Exhibits
  • "I Just Want to Build Things": Another Visit to the City Museum

Spring 2002: Formalizing Exhibition Development

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2002
  • Entire Issue (PDF 28MB)
  • Recent Trends in Exhibition Development
  • Black-Tie Exhibit Development
  • A Platform for Success: The Field Museum's Exhibition Process
  • Reformalizing at Bishop Museum
  • The Tech Museum of Innovation's Exhibit Process
  • Go with the Flow: The Exhibit Design Process Made Visible
  • Counterpoint: Customizing the Exhibit Development Process
  • and much more...

Fall 2001: Designing for Conservation

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2001
  • Entire Issue (PDF 25.7MB)
  • Sharing the Responsibility for Preservation
  • Conflict or Collaboration: Redefining the Relationship Between Design and Conservation
  • Conservation-Grade Exhibit Cases: A Standard Museum Option in the 21st Century
  • Retrofitting Old Exhibit Cases: A Search for Economical and Safe Cabinetry
  • New Micro-Enclosures for Framed Collections
  • and much more...

Spring 2001: Striving for Excellence in Exhibitions

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2001
  • Entire Issue (PDF 25.1MB)
  • Excellence in Exhibitions
  • A Tool for Juggling Excellence in Museum Exhibitions
  • Just Add Water: Essential Elements to Make a Traveling Exhibition
  • A Sense of Place: Employing Place-Making in Exhibit Design
  • Exhibiting Indians: Communities Collaboration and Control
  • Working with the Community in Exhibition Development: A Cyberspace Forum

Fall 2000: Critiquing Exhibits: Meanings and Realities

The Exhibitionist, Fall 2000
  • Entire Issue (PDF 26.1MB)
  • Current Literature on Museum Exhibition Development and Design
  • How Do We Look? Some Thoughts on Critical Reviews of Museum Exhibits
  • Through the Looking Glass and Back
  • Science City: A New Adventure?
  • Wait a Minute!
  • Meaning Making: The Conversation Continues

Spring 2000: Rethinking the Exhibit Team

The Exhibitionist, Spring 2000
  • Entire Issue (PDF 24.1 MB)
  • Who's Using the Team Process? How's it Going?
  • Rethinking the Exhibit Team
  • Trust in the Team Approach: A Case Study
  • Thinking Critically about Exhibit
  • Exhibit Criticism: A Pretty Okay Idea
  • Critically Thinking about Exhibition
  • Criticism and Exhibition Evaluation
  • Decoding San Jose's Tech Museum of Innovation
  • Have We Gotten Any Better at Exhibition Criticism?

Spring 1999: Managing Creativity

The Exhibitionist, Spring 1999
  • Entire Issue (PDF 25.8MB)
  • What Do We Know About Creativity?
  • Managing Creative Teams
  • Creating in Teams
  • Responsibilities of the Creative Project Leader
  • Nurturing Expansive Thinking Among Interdisciplinary Teams
  • Laughing Till the Beer Spurts Out Your Nose and Other Secrets for Successful Design Teams
  • Theater Games as a Stimulus for Creativity
  • Tips for Creative Teams
  • Creating Creative Exhibits

Fall 1998: Designers, Developers and Evaluators

The Exhibitionist, Fall 1998
  • Entire Issue (PDF 27MB)
  • Why We Need a Visitor's Bill of Rights
  • Criticism and Audience
  • We Need Criticism
  • What Can We Learn from N=1?
  • Critical Shortage: Can Anyone Help?
  • Spinning Fish Tales: Telling Marine Biology
  • On Being an Exhibit Designer
  • A Designer Looks at Interpretation
  • Ralph Appelbaum on Being an Exhibit Designer
  • Critical Thoughts about Design
  • Conversation Tips for Designers and Evaluators

Spring 1998: Exhibit Design Meets the Web

The Exhibitionist, Spring 1998 REVIEWS:
  • The Nine-Ton Cat: Behind the Scenes at an Art Museum
  • Exhibition Budgeting Handbook

Spring 1997: What Are We Doing?

The Exhibitionist, Spring 1997
  • Entire Issue (PDF 22.1MB)
  • What Manner of Beast Is This? Exhibition Criticism and the "Intentional Fallacy"
  • Should Exhibit Designers Professionalize?
  • What is an Exhibit Developer?
  • The Secret Life of the Home: An Initiation into Exhibit Design
  • Marketing to Generation X
  • Exhibit Labels: An Interpretive Approach
  • Museum Premieres: Exhibitions & Special Events



Winter 1992 (PDF 11.9MB)

Winter 1991 (PDF 15.1 MB)

Spring 1991 (PDF 22.1MB)

Summer 1991 (PDF 17.2MB)

Winter 1990 (PDF 12.9MB)

Spring 1990 (PDF 15.4MB)



Issues from between 1993 through Spring 1997 are not available.

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