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Exhibitionist Fall 2014

Volume 34, No. 2, Fall 2014

Teaching and Learning Exhibition Design and Development


Exhibitionist features thought-provoking articles on exhibition theory and practice, exhibition critiques and commentary, book reviews, technical articles, and other essays of interest to the profession. The journal is published by NAME in the Spring and Fall of each year.

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Fall 2014, "Teaching and Learning Exhibition Design and Development"

A wide range of perspectives and ideas in this issue of Exhibitionist, about how we learn and grow in the exhibit design field. There is something for everybody and more.

We're previewing three essays and the Exhibits Newsline from this issue:

Spring 2014, "Intentionally Designed Spaces"

In this issue we are exploring the concept of exhibitions as "intentionally designed spaces." As such, we are using the term "exhibitions" as widely as possible–representing all content areas and all types of museums, as well as institutions that display living collections. The emphasis is "intention."

We're previewing three essays for you from this issue:

Exhibition Carts: Intentionally Designed Spaces on the Move, by Rich Faron and Jessica Banda
Design Intentionality and the Art Museum, by Maria Mortati
Small Changes, Big Impact: Scalable Renovations Lead to Improved Visitor Experiences, by Kris Nesbitt, Lindsay Maldonado, and Fran Mast

Fall 2013, "New Media: Transforming Museums, Exhibitions, and Visitors"

Recent and developing modes of communication, software and hardware–all becoming more mobile, more personal and global, more customized and in the cloud, more compact and more widespread. This is what we mean by "New Media." It is a constantly moving target and in this issue of the Journal Exhibitionist, we aim for it, with a wide-ranging look at what's happening now with exhibitions and technology.

This issue is available in its entirety.

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